AI WebPress harnesses the power of AI to create a website concept for any business or idea in just two minutes. Experience the early beta version of AI WebPress, which quickly generates a 4-page website concept complete with text and graphics based on a brief company description. Try it now without needing an account, and receive a personalized link to your web page mockup without any unsolicited emails.

AI WebPress can be customized with your branding or serve as the foundation for a bespoke AI solution tailored to your specific needs.

Custom AI-Powered Application

Leverage the power of AI with blurFactor’s Custom AI Applications, built on the robust and flexible WordPress platform.

Why Use WordPress for AI Applications?


Easily customize and extend functionalities to meet specific needs.

Ease of Use

User friendly admin tool makes content updates a breeze.


Supports projects of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises.


Regular updates and a strong focus on security keep your applications safe.

Community Support

Access a vast ecosystem of plugins, themes, and an active developer community.

Closed Environment

Unlike SaaS models, our applications can be hosted on your server and use your API keys.

Our AI-Powered Solutions Include...

Interactive AI Training Platforms

Develop immersive training experiences with AI-driven modules, as seen in AI Quick Dive

Prompt Engineering Tools

Optimize AI interactions with specialized tools like Structured Prompt.

Automated Property Staging Reports

Generate detailed AI-powered real estate staging reports with Staging Reports.

Rapid Website Prototyping

Quickly create custom website concepts with AI WebPress.

Multimodal VIsion App

Create engaging AI-powered scavenger hunts with Scavengeer

[Your Idea Here]

Turn your AI-based idea into a reality with a custom-built AI powered application. Contact us to get started!

More AI Application Examples…

AI Powered Scavenger Hunts

AI Quick Dive

AI WebPress

AI-Generated Staging Reports

Structured Prompt

Custom WordPress Development

Expertly crafted websites that are flexible, scalable, and secure.

Turn-key WooCommerce Solutions

Comprehensive e-commerce development to boost your online sales.

AI-Powered Custom Applications

Transform your idea into reality with a custom AI application built in WordPress.